In February 2023, a group of young carers from Cambridge participated in our art:space music project with Create musician Kate Smith. During the project, the group were treated to a special excursion. They visited Create Patron Dame Evelyn Glennie’s music studio and explored her impressive collection of rare percussion instruments. The trip provided them with creative inspiration to take into their music workshops on the following days.

Create Patron Dame Evelyn Glennie has performed worldwide as a percussionist and has composed music for film, television and media libraries. She was awarded an OBE in 1993 and has over 100 international awards to date, including the Polar Music Prize and the Companion of Honour. Evelyn has been a supporter of Create’s work for many years, and became a Patron in 2007.

We spoke to Evelyn about her support of our work, and her session with this passionate group of young carers.

“We’ve had a wonderful gathering of young carers and they have been shown the collection of instruments. We have been reflecting on various ways of listening. We’ve been around the world looking at all the instruments, and sharing ideas and thoughts. The young people were incredibly passionate about the conversations and … I learnt a lot from meeting them, so it’s been a wonderful session.

embracing the individual

“Create is an incredible organisation that really embraces so many different subjects. It isn’t only music, but it’s really about tapping into the story of each individual.

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“We all need to be inspired and we all are creative beings. Sometimes we just have to find where that seed lies or where the entry point is. Create lets people be given the opportunity. In my case, I was given the opportunity to be introduced to music at school and that set me on my journey. We all need that kind of inspiration. I think it’s all of our duty to connect with others and find out what it is that makes them tick as people, and then try to support that as much as we can.

inspiring futures

“We have seen examples of people wanting to be ambassadors for Create because of their experiences working and collaborating with the incredible team. I think the difference that’s been made to so many people’s lives has been extraordinary.

“It definitely inspired me. I wanted to MAKE more music before but I didn’t know how to get started. Now I’ve got more inspiration and I feel I’ve got the motivation again to try things out.”

art:space cambridge participant

“creativity ignites curiosity”

“Creativity doesn’t mean that you have to be talented at something, it’s quite simply finding that thing that you’re passionate about.”

dame evelyn glennie

“Creativity ignites curiosity. Curiosity often really gets you out of the comfort zone, and it’s really quite healthy to be out of the comfort zone. There’s that wonderful balance of dealing with the unknown, but yet you practise the art of observing, and listening is all about observing.

Create’s Founding CEO Nicky Goulder, who also attended the visit, said: “We are so privileged to have an inspirational group of Patrons who support our work. It’s wonderful to see how they encourage and motivate our participants. These real-world experiences go on to inspire futures. The group of talented young carers in Cambridge had the opportunity to explore creativity through new instruments, sounds and methods, while engaging in a community of like-minded people. They enjoyed themselves so much, and I was so excited to hear the music they created following their visit to Evelyn’s studio.”

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