Create Week

A celebration of creativity 1-7 July 2024

What is Create Week?

People need to create. Creativity is a human need and everyone should have access to the life-enhancing power of the creative arts. That’s why we’re launching Create Week.

Create Week is a week-long celebration of creativity and its importance for the wellbeing of individuals, organisations and society as a whole. Taking place from 1 – 7 July 2024, Create Week will feature an online campaign promoting the importance of creativity that anyone can get involved with by using the hashtag #CreateWeek.

Initiated by the creative arts charity Create, the week is a catalyst for individuals and organisations who are passionate about creativity to raise awareness of the benefits of the creative arts. All forms of creativity are welcome and valued. Whether you’re a professional or amateur artist – Create Week is for you!

How to get involved

In the lead-up to Create Week, and of course during the week itself, Create’s social media channels and website will feature lots of fun content and useful resources about creativity that everyone is welcome to engage with and share.

We encourage anyone who believes in the power of creativity to get involved and create their own content and events during Create Week. By using the hashtag #CreateWeek, everyone taking part in the week can find and share your content.

To register your interest in Create Week, and stay up to date with the latest developments, sign up below.

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