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“It’s very meaningful to have the freedom to express myself. This project has been like much-needed therapy.”

Kara (60+)

Our focus is on engaging the UK’s most marginalised participants in inspiring, sustainable arts programmes in areas where provision is poor and engagement in the arts is therefore low.

We select these using poverty indices and government statistics on areas of deprivation alongside data including: disability; pupil premium/entitlement to free school meals; and use of English as an additional language.

We prioritise our work with:

• Disabled children and adults

• Young patients

• Young and adult carers

• Vulnerable older people

• Young and adult prisoners

• Schoolchildren in areas of deprivation

• LGBTQ+ participants

• Other marginalised children and adults

“When you’re a carer, you can lose a sense of yourself. You spend all your time looking after someone else. Projects like these help you understand more about yourself.”

Latisha (15)

In 2022/23 we worked with


Participants who are aged 0-18


Participants who are aged 60+


participants who are entitled to free school meals (England average 22.5%)


participants who are disabled / have special educational needs

Diversity and Inclusion

While working against the unjust differences created by social exclusion, we embrace the fact that our society includes rich differences in culture, belief and social identity. We welcome this kind of diversity in all our projects, and we design many of them specifically to reinforce and celebrate it, for example:

– supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds to find imaginative ways of representing or expressing their experiences, perspectives that are often marginalised by mainstream society and in mainstream arts activities;

– encouraging people from different social groups to communicate and collaborate with each other; and

– whenever possible, responding to or incorporating artistic traditions from minority ethnic and other cultures.


Participants in 2022/23 who are people of colour