Matt with his craft-loving daughter


creative:space, our interactive music event for disabled children and their families, gives them the opportunity to hear live music, dance and do craft activities in an informal, relaxed and friendly environment that has been carefully tailored to their needs.

Here Matt Pearce, who has been bringing his son Sam to the event at The Stables in Milton Keynes since last year, talks about what it has come to mean to him and his family.

“Sam has learning difficulties and sensory processing disorder. He is not able to stay still or concentrate for more than a few minutes, which makes it difficult to take him to public music events. We do go out with him to other events at The Stables as well as autism friendly cinema showings.

“We are always very excited about coming to creative:space. After having been to many of them, Sam now recognises the route and knows that we are coming to a creative:space event at a certain point on our journey. The event provides a safe place for the entire family to enjoy something together, where everyone understands how Sam behaves. There is no need to worry about offending anyone or having to keep quiet or remain in your seat. It is very flexible and tailor-made to the needs of our family.

“At home we use music and songs to teach Sam; most of the words he learns come from the songs he likes. We are also trying to make sure that he interacts with people other than friends and family. creative:space helps us to do that. We noticed that due to the creative:space events, he has been able to speak and his communication has improved. Before coming to our first event, he did not speak at all. We have now also started to teach him how to make collage pictures. We loved your masks. Sam always enjoyed the event but he is a lot more responsive to what is going on now.

“My daughter really enjoys coming as well. She says that she loves all the craft activities and conducting the band. The events are a really nice way for our family to enjoy an afternoon out together.”

This story is from 2013.