moving images


During spring 2013, 10 adults with learning disabilities from Tower Project took part in our moving:images film-making project. Here Judith (29) gives her reflections.

“I have been coming to the Tower Project about nine years now. I come here five days a week. I’ve done Create’s projects before. The last one I remember was in Poplar; we went all over the place to take pictures of transport and then did a dance about it which we performed to older people in Poplar. We got our own CD and our own certificate so it was quite good. That’s how I know Nicky [Create’s Chief Executive] and Sabita [Create’s programme manager]!

“I’ve really enjoyed the filming workshops this time, too, especially the acting and creating our own DVDs. It’s nice to work with people, staff and Create, different people. If we work as a team we can get a lot of things done. We can show it to people and to our parents and then our parents will be able to see how their daughters, how all the students have done and how we’ve progressed.

moving images

“My favourite one of the films we made is the Ghana film and the DLR one. And my own one to welcome people to the Tower Project, all about Tower. I learnt a lot about different shot types making the Ghana film: we used long shot, medium shot and other ones. The close-up is for the expressions on their faces.

“It’s been awesome, just awesome to have Denise [Create’s film-maker] to help us filming and all that. She’s been kind and respectful of what we would like to put on the DVD and she takes all the words to put to people. Nice. I learnt new things, too, like editing and filming and acting and all that. I enjoyed that very much. I’d never done that before.

“I’m really looking forward to sharing our films with the older people [a group of vulnerable older people in the local area]. It’s gonna make us feel proud and all the work that we’ve done I think they’ll be proud of us, all the work that we have produced.”

This story is from 2013.