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At Create we are committed to open, honest, rigorous evaluation of our work.

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“Create’s impact measurement is about as good as it gets.”
– Cass Business School

We use ongoing feedback to improve the work that we do. Each workshop ends with a feedback circle allowing participants to share how they feel; and at the conclusion of each project we ask all participants, staff, volunteers and artists to complete a short questionnaire. We use a blend of qualitative and quantitative data to create an evaluation report.

This is what our participants and community partners said about our projects in 2019/20:

Longer-term impact

We also revisit two projects each year, 6-24 months after their completion. We call this initiative Making it Matter.

Our consultant conducts in-depth focus groups with participants and detailed interviews with staff. This year’s reports looked at creative:release and Nurturing Talent.

Who we work with

To ensure we reach the most disadvantaged and vulnerable participants in areas of greatest need, we prioritise partner organisations that receive little or no provision from other arts providers.

We select these using poverty indices and government statistics on areas of deprivation alongside data including: disability; pupil premium/entitlement to free school meals; and use of English as an additional language.

Our seven key groups

  • Disabled children and adults
  • Marginalised children and adults (including homeless adults, LGBTIQ+ young people, refugees)
  • Prisoners and their children
  • Schoolchildren in areas of deprivation
  • Vulnerable older people
  • Young and adult carers
  • Young patients

In 2019/20 we worked with

impact report stats
impact report stats
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