More Creative


In December 2011, 14 older people who attend Stones End Day Centre in Southwark came together to perform a selection of poetry and songs that they had written and composed over the last few weeks as part of our More Creative ~ Memories & Tales project. Inspired by the passing of time, the older people had worked together with our professional writer Leah Thorn, to create poems about events including celebrations, anniversaries, faith holidays, memorials, grandchildren and mixed Britannia.

Christmas Time is

It’s Mass on Christmas Eve time,

big Christmas tree time

Notice the kids’ time

or the kids’ cry time

It’s a drink, dance, eat time,

blow balloons by two, by three time,

sing up and down the street time.

It’s an on, off, on, off lights time,

corn and chicken with rice time.

Present surprise time,

decorate the house time.

It’s a beautiful day,

Christmas Day time

By Florence, Mary, Mercy, Millicent, Philip, Sylvia

They also worked together with our musician Jonathan Thorpe, setting some of their poems to soundscapes. The performance was attended by other members of Stones End Day Centre and staff.

My great niece had a dance performance last week and I told her that it wasn’t just her performing – that I was performing today too!


If we were candles

If we were candles

bringing light into the world,

we’d bring –

happiness and music

love and sticky sweets,

no more war,

prosperity and peace

and a prayer for all families

and victims of crime,

joy and respect

all of the time

By Alan, Els, Molly, Raye