brunel university student fundraiser


In March 2018, music students from Brunel University organised a series of three events in aid of Create, showcasing a variety of music, film, visual art, and spoken word. They raised over £400, which will go towards supporting emerging artists as part of our Nurturing Talent programme. Here, two of the organisers, Louie and Millie, share why they decided to fundraise for us and how they found the experience.

“We first came across Create during the process of organising our Tones events, as part of an assignment for our music course at university. As music students, we were looking for charities that work with the aim of bringing the arts to marginalised people in our local community, so when we came across Create, we admired their work and knew immediately that we wanted to support them. We put on three free events in public spaces all around Uxbridge, showcasing many forms of the arts such as music, dance, poetry, visual arts and film, and organising the events was a lot of fun!

“The best thing about the whole process was meeting so many talented people: getting to work with the great people from the local businesses and organisations who supported us (such as Hillingdon Library and Harris + Hoole, Uxbridge), members of the public and the wonderful team at Create! The Create team were lovely to work with, we kept in touch with Emma [Create’s Senior Development Manager] throughout the organisation process. Emma was helpful from the start and took a real interest in us and our events – she even invited us to attend one of Create’s local workshops for young carers.

“Spending time with the young carers was such a fun and eye-opening experience for us.”

“Spending time with the young carers was such a fun and eye-opening experience for us. It helped us to understand Create’s work and what kind of projects our fundraising would be going towards. The Tones events started as just another university assignment we had to do, but after attending the workshop we realised the reality of what we could do with this – that we could raise money for a charity that impacts many lives. We managed to raise over £400 for Create, which we are incredibly proud of and would have never imagined achieving at the start!

“As soon as we started to work with Create we began to think outside of the ‘university bubble’ and it gave us the opportunity to work more closely with the local community. Overall, it was so fitting to raise money for Create through our own arts events and it was such an enjoyable experience throughout. We would highly recommend other London university students to do similar projects with Create in mind!”

If you would like to organise an event in support of Create then email us here for more information.

This article is from 2018.