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Give monthly to Create the Difference

Become a regular supporter today and join our Create the Difference movement.

Your monthly gift will have a profound and long-lasting impact on the lives of the vulnerable children and adults we work with.

Regular gifts enable us to plan long-term projects targeted at those most in need.

“Create gives me a break and allows me to see the positives in my caring role and the positives in life. The workshops give you a couple of hours not to have the stress of caring and just be a kid again.”

Young carer Abi

Create the difference – a movement for change

Everyone who gives monthly to Create becomes part of our Create the Difference movement. By giving a monthly gift you are making a huge difference to the lives of the UK’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and adults, giving them a chance to express themselves, meet other people and build skills through the creative arts.

In 2020/21 our generous Create the Difference supporters donated £58,904 to support our work. This helped us deliver:


creative arts workshops


children and adults

What your money could Do

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£10 a month – Community

could help one vulnerable or disadvantaged person take part in an award-winning Create workshop

£25 a month – change-makers

could enable up to three participants to take part in a Create workshop, exploring their creativity, having fun and meeting other people

£50 a month – connectors

could help give up to seven participants the chance to join a Create workshop, reducing their feelings of isolation and boosting their wellbeing

£100 a month – Curators

could deliver a complete creative arts workshop for around 12-15 participants, giving them a chance to express themselves and build skills

£250 a month (OR £3,000 a year) – catalysts

could train two emerging artists through our Nurturing Talent programme, equipping them with the skills to reach and impact the lives of even more vulnerable children and adults

£500 a month (or £6,000 a year) – champions

could deliver a complete, multi-day Create project from start to finish

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“I have seen first-hand just how uplifting and meaningful Create’s workshops are for those who take part.”

LAUREN DICKINSON CLARKE, a Create the difference supporter

Philanthropic giving

Giving at a philanthropic level is hugely personal, and we are dedicated to working closely with all major donors to direct your funds where they can have the biggest effect.

Depending on your giving level, you can:

• Fund the delivery of specific projects – or work with us to design your own
• Fund artists to take part in our Nurturing Talent programme for emerging artists
• Fund Create’s core costs, enabling us to grow the organisation and reach more people with our work

We would love to have a conversation with you.

If you wish to give a high-value donation, or partner with Create, please contact our Director of Development, Ed Jackson, today.

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