Showcasing the creativity of Young carers on YCAD 2024

There are more than one million carers under 18 in the UK and an estimated 600,000 others aged 18 to 25. At least 50,000 children and young people, including 3,000 aged just five to nine, spend 50 hours or more a week looking after ill or disabled family members.

The time young people spend caring can have a devastating impact on their wellbeing, education and future prospects. A 2023 Carers Trust survey of carers aged under 25 found that 33% always or usually struggle to balance caring with school, college or university work. 40% said they don’t get the help they need to balance caring and learning.

Create has been working with young carers for 17 years, giving them some much-needed respite from their responsibilities and helping them build skills, confidence and connections through the creative arts.

We are proud once again to be partnering with Carers Trust for Young Carers Action Day (YCAD). The theme for YCAD 2024 is “Fair Futures for Young Carers”. This year, Carers Trust is launching The Young Carers Covenant, inviting the UK Government, governments in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, councils, businesses and schools to sign a new commitment that aims to transform the lives of young and young adult carers.

People need to create, and through our projects we have been able to see first-hand the profound impact creativity has on the confidence and wellbeing on these young people.

Nicky Goulder, founding CEO of Create


change:matters with Sefton Carers Centre

Young carers explored animation alongside artist Chloe Cooper, resulting in the creation of three captivating animated films.

inspired:arts with Cheshire Young Carers

Young carers delved into the art of photography under the guidance of photographer Louisa Mayman, culminating in an impactful showcase of their favourite photographs.

change:matters with Bromley Well Young Carers

Young carers embarked on a musical journey with musician Mike Poyser, recording two catchy songs infused with financial literacy messages, adding a fun beat to the learning process.

inspired:arts with Carers Trust Hillingdon

Young carers created a puppetry performance with artist Robyn Olivia, crafting a compelling narrative exploring themes of animals and extinction, bringing their imaginative stories to life on stage.


“I think being a young carer I’ve had quite a different experience to other people my age. You have much more responsibility to take care of your parent. And then on top of that you have school work and then you also have to think of yourself. So, it’s a big impact compared to other people my age who don’t have to take care of their parents that much. If we have homework to do, I have to have that free time to do so, but most of the time I’m taking care of my mum. Sometimes I can be quite difficult.” – Daliya

According to research conducted by the Carers Trust (2023), caring often affects the amount of time young carers can spend with their friends. In fact, 40% of young carers and young adult carers reported that their caring responsibilities significantly impact their social interactions. As a result, 26% of young carers feel excluded from their friends’ activities, creating a sense of isolation and disconnection.

“If my friends ask me after school ‘can you go out?’, I just say ‘no’, because I know there’s loads of stuff I need to do as well. My friends have a lot of freedom, but I’d say I don’t. But I do get a bit more freedom now that my brother is older.” – Daliya

“The [Create] projects help carers especially in the half term. Instead of sitting at home, we can go out and about, socialise with others. Instead of sitting at home, we can be here doing different activities and having fun.”


Carers Trust has highlighted the growing concern among young carers about financial stability. Their research revealed that 57% of respondents admitted to “always” or “usually” worrying about the cost of living and the continuous increase in expenses. change:matters is our programme educating and upskilling young carers across the UK on the topic of money and family finances. We spoke to Avita, who shared her experience on the project and being mindful when it comes to spending money.

“I really enjoyed learning about money and the way it works and how much things really cost and just adding it all up. By the end of the year it could cost so much. It’s really expensive, life now! Before, every time we go out, I’d want to get things, but now I realise that every little thing adds up. It’s going to help when we’re older, knowing about how much things cost and how to budget.”


Create and Carers Trust are partnering for a special Showcase of artwork made by young carers on four YCAD 2024 projects. The online showcase on the theme “Fair Futures for Young Carers” features animated films, music, photography and puppetry specifically created for YCAD by young people from four carers centres in Cheshire, Sefton and the London Boroughs of Bromley and Hillingdon.

Nicky Goulder, our Founding CEO, said:

“We are proud to partner with Carers Trust again for Young Carers Action Day 2024 to showcase the creativity of young carers. People need to create, and through our projects we have been able to see first-hand the profound impact creativity has on the confidence and wellbeing on these young people. The creative arts have the power to enhance lives, offering hope and inspiration. The theme for this year’s YCAD – “Fair Futures for Young Carers” – couldn’t be more apt. We have clearly seen how creative expression empowers people, enabling individuals to express themselves, share their stories, and envision new possibilities for the future.”

Vicky Morgan, Carers Trust’s Head of Young Carers and Young Adult Carers, said:

“Our partnership with Create is always a highlight of Young Carers Action Day. The way Create’s experts work with young carers to bring out their creativity and offer them a chance to express themselves is great to see. Alongside giving them the chance to make these wonderful creations, the sessions also give young carers a much-needed break from their caring responsibilities. The work this year was exceptional and really brought out our theme of “Fair Futures for Young Carers”. There were definitely some great artists of the future there.”