Derek Paravicini at creative:space


Pianist Derek Paravicini (who is blind and has severe learning difficulties) and his music teacher Kelly Smith have been regulars at our creative:space events for disabled children & their families since their inception. Here they talk about what they enjoy the most.

Derek: “I enjoy playing my music on the piano for Create. The bands that play with me are always good. We play instruments together with the children – I especially like the egg shakers! My favourite part is when I take requests from the audience – I never know what music they are going to ask me to play! My favourite request was for the Bare Necessities and everyone was really singing along, it felt good. The concerts help children and their families to enjoy great music!”

Kelly: “I really enjoy coming to support Derek at the creative:space events. The atmosphere is always so friendly and welcoming and there is a real sense of togetherness that the music provides. The way in which the concerts are presented include everyone who wants to be included, and I think the children get a lot out of being so close to the musicians and being involved with the music making. My favourite part is always when the children take turns at ‘conducting’ an instrument. The look on their faces when they realise they are in control of the sound is always a joy! The concerts make live, top standard music accessible to people who might otherwise find it difficult to go to mainstream concerts, and that is a valuable and most worthy thing to be a part of.”

This piece is from 2014.