Change:matters Photography

“You might not be a natural numbers person, so learning about these concepts through an artform is a brilliant opportunity.”

Create photographer Alicia Clarke

In our change:matters photography workshops, young carers learn about saving, budgeting, interest, borrowing money and debt through the lens of a camera.

Led by professional photographers including Alicia Clarke (who can be seen in the video above), the young carers explore these themes through photography – learning lighting and framing skills that they then use in designing glossy posters. Each poster conveys a key message that the young carers have learnt, and wish to pass on to other young people. 

Scroll down to see examples of the young carers’ work.


Young carers in Barnet worked with Alicia Clarke to convey the financial lessons they learnt during the change:matters workshops through posters featuring original photographs and text. Click to enlarge the images.


Photography by young carers from Bristol. Click to enlarge the images.


Over the course of a three-day workshop, participants explored financial literacy via photography. They experimented with different styles of photography and used their images to make promotional posters about saving money. Click to enlarge the images.


In Surrey, the young carers explored budgeting, saving and needs vs wants. Here are four images that they produced. Click to enlarge.