the project

“My ideas were listened to which helped me to feel confident and to develop them.”


the project

Between 2017 and 2020, we ran connect:create, a creative partnership with Deutsche Bank. This gave autistic young people in west London and young carers in Birmingham and three London boroughs, opportunities to create dance, drama, music, film, animation and art under the guidance of our professional artists. Each project was supported by Deutsche Bank volunteers.

connect:create was designed to enable young people to explore their creativity; develop supportive relationships with their peers; and build new artistic and social skills and confidence, enhancing their self-esteem.  

the need

There are around 100,000 young people with autism in the UK. Over 40% of children with autism have been bullied at school (Autism and Education: The Reality for Families Today. London: The National Autistic Society); 22% of young people with autism responding to a 2012 survey said they had no friends at all; 70% reported that with more support they would feel less isolated and 62% felt that with the right support they would be able to socialise (The Way We Are: Autism in 2012).

There are almost six million carers in the UK, of whom more than 800,000 are children and young people. 27% aged 11-15 miss school or experience educational difficulties; 68% are bullied and feel isolated at school. Only 44% feel they get enough help with their emotions and feelings. 23% of young carers feel their caring role has, at least once, stopped them from making friends.