changing spaces 2006


The project

Our changing:spaces project transforms dull or neglected spaces within schools and community centres into inspirational places for work or play, using murals and other forms of visual art.

We have run changing:spaces projects in a variety of London locations, including primary schools, Bede community centre in Southwark and Carers Lewisham. The project combines participants’ creativity and imagination with the skills and energy of our professional artists and, where relevant, corporate volunteers.

Each project is designed and delivered in collaboration with the recipient organisation, to ensure it meets their objectives for the space and participants’ needs; and with the funding partner to fit their corporate responsibility priorities.

“I am very proud, I enjoyed all of it and it’s better because it is brighter.”

changing:spaces participant, Bede House

All Souls Primary School, 2006

In July 2006 we worked with All Souls C of E Primary School in Westminster to bring its playground to life. Every child in the school took part in the project, working with our professional artist and writer, and more than 40 volunteers from Hilton did the final paint-up. Using the theme ‘Imagined Worlds’, the children created stories, drawings, models and poetry, which were then translated into a series of murals to transform the school’s roof-top playground. The project was funded by the Hilton in the Community Foundation.

“It has transformed the playground into a colourful, stimulating, creative environment for [the children] to play in.”

Teacher, All Souls

“It looks amazing! There’s my monster! This is so cool!”

participant, All Souls

Lucas vale Primary School, 2008

In February 2008 we worked with Lucas Vale Primary School in Lewisham to transform a gloomy Victoria stairwell. Working with our visual artist and writer, the children developed words and images to form the basis of a mural. Each level of the stairwell represented a different area of our world, taking the children on a journey from under the sea, through land and sky before reaching outer space on the top landing. Lucas Vale was selected for the project from a longlist of 28 primary schools that applied to a competition run in partnership with Royal Bank of Scotland. A team of 36 volunteers from RBS took part in the project, doing the final paint-up.

Hear from RBS volunteer Debbie

“Our pupils are definitely proud of how exciting, colourful and cheerful the stairwell is now and this impacts on the way they walk up and down the stairs and the pleasure they continue to get from spotting another creature or through identifying their own work or that of one of their friends.”

Headteacher, Lucas Vale

Argyle Primary School, 2008

In June and July 2008 our changing:spaces project took place at Argyle Primary School in Camden, North London, transforming an area of the school playground. The children worked with our visual artist and writer to create images, words and poetry on the theme of sport. These were then transferred into a mural on the playground walls. The project was funded by Reed Smith and supported by a team of volunteers took part.

“There was not a single thing I did not enjoy!”

Participant, Argyle Primary School

Southwold Primary School, 2008

In July 2008 we worked with children from Southwold Primary School in Hackney, transforming an area of the school playground, which includes a small stage set, into a space for play, creative and performance activities. The children worked with our professional visual artist and writer to create words and images using the theme ‘Under the Sea’. The project was funded by Healy Hunt, and in the final week a team of 15 volunteers (comprising Healy Hunt employees, art students, and staff and parents from Southwold) worked alongside our artist to transform the playground. The mural was officially “unveiled” by our Patron, actress Eileen Essell.

“(The project) has run very smoothly and in no small part is that down to Create – because they created the environment for us to do well … and the circumstances for us to do our best. It has just been a fabulous experience. I’d do it again – and I have two more playgrounds!”

Headteacher, Southwold primary School

Bede centre, 2009

In November 2009 we ran changing:spaces at Bede Centre (now Bede House) in Southwark. Themed around “My Southwark – Real or Imagined’”, the project used the creativity and imagination of 20 adults with learning disabilities, under the guidance of our professional artist and writer, to produce a series of poems and vibrant images. The project culminated in a team challenge, bringing together 45 Reed Smith employees and Queen Mary University students for the mural paint-up, which transformed the hall into an inspirational space for leisure.

“Storytelling and poetry have encouraged creative communication and participants managed negotiation and agreement well. It has helped them think about what is important to them.”

Bede centre staff

Carers Lewisham, 2013

In April 2013, we were commissioned by the CEO of Carers Lewisham to celebrate the centre’s 25th anniversary. She asked us to deliver a teambuilding activity for staff and carers that would produce a mural. The participants designed and painted a mural for the external entrance to the centre, providing a lasting legacy. The mural was unveiled on 7 May 2013 by actress Lorraine Chase at a celebration event.

“I don’t normally consider myself a creative person, but I felt comfortable coming up with suggestions and enjoyed painting.”

Carers Lewisham staff