meet Create artist, renata

Renata Minoldo is a London-based artist and educator who has been delivering creative projects with Create since 2018. We spoke to Renata about her practice, working with different community groups and the importance of creativity.

Watch the video interview or read the excerpt below.

“I’m a visual artist and educator. My practice is not about a specific technique, it’s more about exploring senses, feelings and emotions and gathering people together for them to connect with themselves first, then with others.”

renata minoldo, create artist

working with create

“I have been a Create artist since 2018, so that’s four years now. I met a lot of people online first. Now we have our own sharings and socials and that’s been amazing because I feel like part of a group. It’s really nice. As Create project managers get to know me better, I have more freedom which I really appreciate. I get to do more risky things or use very specific techniques that are out of the norm.

“I have learnt a lot from facilitating Create projects. For example, I have learnt how to read groups better. Recently we did an online project with adult carers in Enfield. After sensing a certain energy in the room, I decided to start every session doing some tapping, some self-massage, and a little bit of breathing and grounding into the space. After that, the participants kept asking for it in each session. They were so into it, so I think I’ve learnt to read the groups I work with better.

the benefits of creativity

“Creativity is everything. It is such a big part of my life. It is happiness. It’s in everyday life when you open your fridge and you decide what to cook with whatever you have. Creativity is innate to us. When we are children we don’t have so many boundaries regarding what’s creative and what isn’t. We can express ourselves freely. Over time we get a little more stuck in our own safety box, but creativity is such an important thing. It is absolutely related to our wellbeing. Being able to express ourselves creatively brings us joy.

“Creativity gives people a voice, but to get into that voice takes time, so I’m happy when I see someone can let go of their own judgements about themselves. I think that’s the first step. Everyone is an artist and we are all different, there is no right or wrong way to do things.”

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