Meet Harriet, a young carer from Dorset

During February 2023, Create artist Poppy Love-Oldham led a visual art project with young carers in Dorset. The project enabled the young carers to take a break from their caring responsibilities, have fun, learn new skills, build relationships and express themselves.

We spoke to Harriet, a young carer from Dorset who took part in the project.


“I took part in the art project. The first day we learnt how to make different things out of clay; we made some flat shapes first where we could put stamps in. Then we made some 3D stuff afterwards, so I made a tealight. We also did some printing.

“I’d never learnt about most of these artforms before. I particularly enjoyed cyanotype where we cut out sections of paper and put it in the sun, then watched it change colour. I get to do art at school, but these were all new types of art for me. Poppy, the artist, helped us by explaining everything clearly.


“If you’re stuck on something, someone else could have a different point of view… You can all say your opinion.”

“Although I was really apprehensive about meeting people, it was really nice to work together. We all got to create art and help each other. I was nervous that people would judge me or not listen, because I’d never been to a young carers project before. Everyone shared their opinions and supported one another – it was really nice! I learnt that if you’re stuck on something, someone else could have a different point of view and you can all say your opinion.”

taking a break

“Being creative helps you wind down.”

I’ve found that being creative helps you wind down a little bit. If something is going on, it helps you escape. Taking part in this project has helped me meet other people like me and have a break from my caring responsibilities. I loved just being able to sit down, relax, and be creative.” 

*Names have been changed to protect participant anonymity.