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creative:voices is Create’s multi-artform programme for adult carers. From March to May 2016 creative:voices went to Carers Support Merton (CSM) where professional photographer Tracey Fahy ran workshops exploring different types of photography and uses of photos.

creative:voices enabled the adult carers to take a break from their caring responsibilities, build trusting relationships with their peers and develop communication skills and confidence.

Meet Anne

“If creativity isn’t there life can be so sterile. It enriches and nourishes your soul and wellbeing.”


Anne (not her real name), a participant at CSM, told us about taking part in creative:voices:

“I thought the sessions were really good and I looked forward to them as an outlet. Talking to other carers helps end any feelings of isolation. The project has enabled me to think about better ways of relaxing myself and in the process of my being relaxed and harmonious I’m able to share that with the person I care for.

“I learnt a lot about myself through the programme. I learnt how to listen to other people, to look more. I’ve been able to delve into my own self and understand me a bit better. I feel more positive and able to listen and think more. I’m more relaxed. I’m better able to take control of things.

“Creativity is so integral to my mental and physical wellbeing. If creativity isn’t there life can be so sterile. It enriches and nourishes your soul and wellbeing.

“The project didn’t just develop a skill in one area, for example photography, it also inspired creativity in lots of other areas and things you do. It’s such an amazing outlet – it teaches you life skills, which you can use all the time. This programme finishing is a beginning, not an end.”

This article is from 2016.