Create is dedicated to empowering lives and enhancing wellbeing through the creative arts. 

Our aims are simple:

1. To give free access to the creative arts for society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

2. To engage participants in inspiring programmes led by professional artists in areas where provision is poor and engagement is low.

3. To develop creativity, learning, social skills and self-esteem.

4. To reduce isolation by bringing people together.

5. To enhance wellbeing.

6. To create a society that is fairer, more caring and more inclusive.

Join us today to ignite imaginations.

What we do

Our seven key groups:

  • Disabled children and adults
  • Marginalised children and adults (including homeless adults, LGBTIQ+ young people, refugees)
  • Prisoners and their children
  • Schoolchildren in areas of deprivation
  • Vulnerable older people
  • Young and adult carers
  • Young patients

We’re a national charity that champions local priorities. We co-create every project with our partners and tailor activities to meet individual participant’s needs, enabling their voices to be heard.

We rigorously evaluate every project because we’re passionate about providing inspiring and empowering creative experiences that have a lasting impact.

We know that unleashing creativity ignites imaginations, develops confidence and builds relationships. Like setting off a firework, our professional artists light the touch paper and our participants discover new found self-belief and a desire to try more, do more and be more.

One spark of creative energy opens up a world of positive opportunities.

“Create is a lifeline for people who want a ladder out of their depression. It treats people with such high regard. If you look at where I was when I met them three years ago, I was in a lot of pain. I was homeless at the time, but I always looked forward to coming to Create. It was so nice to be able to come here and write poetry. It was very therapeutic for me, getting my words out on paper.” Homeless adult

Since 2003

“I think it’s important to express yourself. As a young carer there are a lot of built up emotions, especially if your parent, for example, is going through something difficult with their condition or disability then you don’t want to burden them with your problems. And then doing stuff like this is a nice release.Young carer

Our impact

Every Create project is designed to build the skills and confidence of our participants. The graph below shows participant (red) and community partner (orange) feedback for 2019/20.

Click here to download our latest impact report.

Our participants


Create Live!

During the pandemic we adapted quickly in order to reach our participants through online workshops. Read more about this work – Create Live! – by clicking here.