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We are thrilled that, as part of its ‘Creating Good’ initiative, WHJE has selected Create as its charity partner.

WHJE is the parent company of financial services marketing agency brandformula. It is looking to inspire, encourage and support its team to make a difference for our participants with all that they do, and it holds our ambitions and mission close to its heart.

“being a creative agency ourselves, we understand the impact of art, and how important and powerful it can be.”

Martin Wiggins, WHJE CEO

This morning, our CEO, Nicky Goulder, talked to the WHJE team about founding the charity 17 years ago; her passion for using creativity to empower and upskill vulnerable children and adults to connect, reduce isolation and enhance wellbeing; and the charity’s response to COVID-19 – delivering programmes via its new Create Live! delivery mechanism. She explained how the WHJE team’s amazing fundraising efforts will support us in impacting our participants.


Martin Wiggins, CEO of WHJE and Managing Director at brandformula told us: “Create’s mission, ‘to use the creative arts to empower society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people’, resonates greatly with our team. Ultimately, being a creative agency ourselves, we understand the impact of art, and how important and powerful it can be. It speaks volumes and everyone should have access to creative resources where possible.”

Nicky said: ”We are so delighted to have been chosen as WHJE’s charity partner and are excited to build a strong partnership with the company and its creative staff team. This will enable us to empower a huge number of lives through the creative arts. The company’s support is making an incredible difference at the current time, during the pandemic, when many of our participants are more isolated than ever before.”

WHJE have already raised a significant amount to support our work through their recent ‘Donate Your Commute’ campaign. We can’t thank them enough for their continued support.

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