Cre8in8 resources

Welcome to the CRE8IN8! Thank you for taking on a unique running challenge this summer.

Get started by following these steps:

  • Use the below step by step guide on how to set up your fundraising page (you’ll also find information about how to get the most from your page)
  • Access our pool of social media images and shout about the your participation in The CRE8IN8 Challenge! There’s more information below too.
  • Download your runner pack, containing all the key information you need to get ready for August. If you’re running as a team, download your team pack instead.

1. How to set up your fundraising page

1. Click here to go to our CRE8IN8 fundraising hub

2. Set up your fundraising page by clicking on Start fundraising in the top right hand corner

3. Sign in or register with Virgin Money Giving

4. Select whether your setting up an individual or team fundraising page

5. Type in #CRE8IN8 when asked “What are you doing to raise money?”, then select the CRE8IN8 2021 event which will have popped up below

6. Create will already have been pre-selected as your selected charity. Scroll down and select No when asked “Has your selected charity contributed to the cost of your fundraising?” Select whether you’d like to hear about our news, appeals and promotions. 

7. Click Create my page.

Maximise your fundraising

1. Add a photograph of yourself to your page.

2. Add a cover photo to your page. Click here to download one

3. Make it personal; add a story as to why you are fundraising. You can use the template text below – but why not include why creativity is important to you?

4. Set a fundraising target; go on, be ambitious! If you hit your target early then why not increase it – people will want to help you get there.

5. When your page is ready, send the link to your close friends and/or family first who you know would be likely to give you a generous donation. The first donations on your page will set the going rate!

6. Reach out and spread the word to everyone you can: friends, family, colleagues! Use email, WhatsApp and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc), and try to personalise your approach. Use the images and tools in the social media kit below.

7. Keep shouting about it; update people on your training and progress; on your fundraising page and through social media.

8. Thank people (both personally and publicly) when they sponsor you. By doing it publicly (via a WhatsApp group, or by tagging them in a social media post) you’ll not only be praising them in front of your friends but you’ll also inspire others who see it to support you.

9. Ask your employer about matched giving. Lots of companies double the money their employees raise for good causes – just ask, or see if you can find the matched giving policy on your intranet.

Template story text

Hi everyone! Please help me change lives through the power of creativity!

From 1-8 August I’m taking on The CRE8IN8 Challenge. I’ll be [running/walking] [800m/8km/a half marathon] every day for eight consecutive days to raise money for Create.

By raising money for Create I’ll be helping society’s most vulnerable children and adults by providing them with access to the transformative power of creativity. Create brings people together in creative arts workshops – such as dance, drama, music, photography – that unleash creativity, ignite imaginations, enhance wellbeing, develop confidence, build relationships, and empower lives.

Your donation will make a huge difference to the lives of children and adults across the country. I really appreciate your support. Thank you for your donation.

2. Engage on social media

1. Connect with Create on your social media channels. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Tag us in your posts!

2. We’ve created some social media images to help you announce to your friends and family that you’re taking part. Click here or on the image below to access them on Google Drive. There are different sizes for different platforms. 

Click the image to access the Google Drive image bank

3. Help us spread the word. Why not challenge your friends to take part too? Here’s some sample text you can use for your social media post:

Hi all! From 1-8 August I’ll be taking on the #CRE8IN8 challenge, [running/walking] [800m/8km/a half marathon] every day for 8 days in a row! Please sponsor me, and help @createcharity reach society’s most vulnerable children and adults with the power of the creative arts.

Don’t forget to include your fundraising link! 

4. Use the hashtag #cre8in8 with all of your social media posts so you can engage with others and keep track of your progress, and so we can see what you’re up to! 

5. Consider recording and posting short videos about your efforts. Videos add that all-important personal touch, and will drive more people to support you.

6. Be sure to thank your supporters! 

3. Download our runner pack

We’ve created a PDF runner pack containing all of this information, and a team pack too. Click below to access them.

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