change:matters Drama


“We give our characters a problem with money, and then we listen to their story unfold…”

Create artist James Baldwin

In our change:matters drama workshops, young carers learn about saving, budgeting, interest, borrowing money and debt through writing and performing dramatic pieces.

Led by professional drama artists and script writers including James Baldwin (who you can see in the video above), the young carers explore these themes by writing and performing short plays, where characters navigate different financial scenarios. Scroll down to see examples of their work. 

change:matters Birmingham

A drama created by young carers in Birmingham.


change:matters Ealing and Southwark

A radio drama created by young carers in Ealing and Southwark.

change:matters Uxbridge

A radio drama and clips from a Zoom play created by young carers in Uxbridge.

change:matters Sutton

A radio drama entitled “Pegasus Revolution” created by young carers in Sutton.