Impact Report 2019/20

Seventeen years ago, Create breathed its first breath. My vision was to use the creative arts to connect, empower and upskill the most disadvantaged and vulnerable children and adults across the UK, reducing isolation and enhancing wellbeing.

Never would I have dreamt then that, at the time when our participants needed us most, enforced isolation due to COVID-19 would mean that every Create project had to be postponed. The drive and passion that led me to start Create, and the dedication of our amazing team, ensured that we adapted, as we had to. Within 14 days of lockdown, we had consulted on, researched, designed and piloted a new way of working ~ Create Live!. We are now using an online platform to deliver high-quality, interactive, collaborative, creative workshops with groups of participants that are fun, build skills and reduce isolation.

Our vision for the future is to increase our engagement with those who need it most. We know that creativity has a positive impact on wellbeing, emotional and mental health; builds skills, brings joy and reduces isolation; and levels the playing field for people from many different walks of life, helping to promote equality. 

But we cannot do this alone. Please help us to create the difference for many more participants, via Create Live! or our venue-based workshops. With your support, we can continue to reduce isolation, bring people together and help create a society that is fairer, more caring and more inclusive for all.

Nicky Goulder, Co-Founder and Chief Executive

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