National charities that champion local priorities

Locations Map (Twitter Infographic) 17Dec12

In such uncertain times it is more important than ever to support our local community.

Local charities are often the last line of defence for the most vulnerable people in our society. Across the country, local champions drive forward local projects in an attempt to address issues in their area. In 2016 over 75% of people claimed to have benefited from a local charity at some point in the last year[1] and with the increased spotlight on issues like mental health and homelessness this number is likely to rise.

At a time of increasing budgetary cuts, organisations such as schools, carer services, community centres, hospitals and prisons often lack the funding and expertise to deliver professionally-run creative arts programmes as part of a holistic approach to learning and recovery. Create works with these partners to design and deliver high quality programmes to empower the most vulnerable children and adults in our society. Tailoring every project to the specific needs of our community partners and those they exist to serve, we are able to meet both local and individual needs.

Create is a national charity championing local priorities, delivering projects as far afield as Bath, Birmingham, Cumbria, Manchester, Nottingham, Wales and Winchester. Each is developed alongside a local community partner. Every project is designed to enable participants to develop creativity, learning, social skills, self-esteem and, above all, a sense of self-worth. Some programmes bring different groups of participants together to break down barriers and develop shared understanding; some enable people to explore social issues. By understanding local needs, we develop programmes that have a measurable impact on our participants.

The Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s Local Charities Day initiative showcases charities that are making a significant impact in local communities. Since 2003, we have worked with more than 35,000 vulnerable participants in their local communities, and the impact of that work has had a ripple effect, helping to make our society fairer, more caring and more inclusive.

Nicky Goulder, Co-Founder & Chief Executive