Raise Your Hands Selects Create as a Long-Term Partner

We are very excited to announce that Create has been selected as a Raise Your Hands charity as a long-term charity partner, providing us with the assurance of sustainable funding into the future. This is an incredible gift.

Raise Your Hands is a community that supports highly effective and innovative small charities. Through its fresh approach, Raise Your Hands offers members a hassle-free way to transform young lives. Throughout the year, it plans fresh, innovative fundraising events (such as bingo parties, pop-up restaurants and Oktoberfest parties) for its members to generate much-needed funds for its 12 charities.

The Raise Your Hands team also does its fair share of fundraising challenges. Last August, we were delighted to welcome Ed Wethered, Co-Founder of Raise Your Hands, to Create’s HQ on the first day of an incredible 1,000km fundraising run (the equivalent of 26 marathons in 27 days!) that raised an awesome £30,000.

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These fundraising events, alongside small monthly donations by the members, generate significant sums of money for the charities. Last year RYH awarded us £19,500, a fantastic sum that will enable us to reach out to dozens of young carers during 2017.

In 2018, we will use the Raise Your Hands funding to support the breadth of our work with vulnerable children across the UK: young patients; children with disabilities; young carers; schoolchildren in areas of deprivation; and young offenders and their children.

We share monthly updates with Raise Your Hands members, which you can read below. We will keep the list updated so bookmark this page!

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