Adult Carers Explore Merton’s Outdoors Through a Lens

This spring, we’ve embarked on a collaborative project with adult carers attending Carers Support Merton. Part of our creative:voices programme, the project comprises eight interactive photography sessions that give adults who are often isolated the opportunity to work collaboratively to develop creativity, self-expression and social interaction.

The responsibilities faced by adults who care for a family member with a long-term illness or disability can be extremely demanding, many finding time to socialise or engage in creative pursuits particularly difficult. According to Carers UK, eight in ten carers have felt lonely or socially isolated as a result of their caring responsibilities. creative:voices helps to reduce this isolation, offering an environment in which carers can take time away from caring to meet others, learn new skills and have vital “me” time.

The workshops are being led by our professional photographer Tracey Fahy, whose professional commissions include work for the Barbican and English National Ballet. Over three months, the group are exploring a variety of photographic techniques, spanning the intricacies of macro photography – getting up-close with nature through sharp, imaginative shots – compositional approaches, the art of portraiture, and more instinctive and spontaneous photographic methods in Merton’s green spaces.  

Commenting on the techniques she had gleaned from the workshops, participant Michelle said: “Zooming brought a new life to me; I can see things I have never seen before”. With another three weeks remaining, we’re excited to see the adult carers continue to hone their photographic craft, learning further processes across the interactive sessions.

Last week, they took to the outdoors and put their newly acquired photography skills into practice. Here are some of the images they created: