Young carers create films and photographs at iconic Old Vinyl Factory in Uxbridge

Over the summer, we worked in partnership with Hillingdon Carers to give a group of young carers in Uxbridge the chance to take part in an inspiring film-making and photography project at EMI’s former site, the Old Vinyl Factory. Drawing inspiration from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and other bands whose records were produced on-site, the young people reimagined themselves as rock stars complete with outfits provided by Hillingdon Carers.

Under the guidance of our professional photographer Tracey Fahy, the young carers photographed one another to create a collection of surreal and highly stylised images. After photographing themselves alongside 2D images, 3D objects and in the factory itself, they then printed and collaged their photos to produce a series of fun and playful images that convey a vivid sense of humour and demonstrate a range of sophisticated techniques.

After a short break, the young carers returned to the Old Vinyl Factory with our professional filmmaker Aiofe Twomey. In the film that they created, one young carer discovers a swirling portal in the wall of the factory and finds himself transported into a bizarre new dimension inhabited by floating people, sinister hidden creatures and dragons. To create the effect of a new dimension, the young people worked together to write a plot, experiment with techniques including projections, and develop digital editing skills.

During September, the young carers shared their work at an exhibition in Uxbridge Library. Young carers have been described as “Britain’s hidden workforce,” and this exhibit, held at a cultural hub within their community, allowed them to assert their presence and share their unique perspective with other Londoners.

Sixteen year old Gabriella (not her real name) told us: “Thank you so much for this fun opportunity to experience a unique project. I’ve learnt lots of new skills to help me with my photography career and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you guys.”