Adult carers create stories for their children!

Adult carers in Newham have been putting pen to paper, coming up with imaginative, original stories for their children. From a short-necked giraffe to tales of a grumpy ladybird, the carers – guided by our professional writer, Jo Ingham; visual artist Daniel Lehan; and recording artist, Rowan Perkins – then illustrated their stories, which we have compiled into a professionally-printed storybook. Lastly, the tales were brought to life in a professional recording session, during which the carers voiced their stories to accompany the book.

Many carers find it difficult to take a break from their caring responsibilities, which 84% comment negatively impacts their health. creative:release enables carers to take time-out for themselves to explore their creativity, build new relationships and enhance their confidence.

This project allowed me space to think, imagine and create. I’ve explored the limits of what I can do. I feel proud of what I’ve achieved and it has given me the confidence to pursue my dream of writing a book” commented one carer who took part in the project.

You can read one of the stories, Old Pot Pete, below.

Old Pot Pete lives in the kitchen on the cooker. He likes telling stories to his friends, such as Wooden Spoon Will. Both Pete and Will are very old. But they are still useful. One day, a big box appears. Out pops a shiny purple frying pan called Fry Pan Fay. She likes to dance and sing.
“What a show off,” says Will.
“She needs to chill,” says Reg the Fridge.
Fay looks at Pete, “Err! You’re old, dirty and dull. I’m shiny and new. I should be on that cooker!” Pete just smiles.
“Talk nice about our friend. We like him a lot. For he’s a very, very good cooking pot!” says Will. Pete just smiles.
One day, Fay is dancing, spinning and singing. Suddenly she spins out of control and knocks over a tea cup. “Oh no!” Fay is so sorry she starts to cry.
Pete says, “Don’t worry. We’ll all help clean up.” Fay stops crying. She can see how everyone sticks together, old and new. Everyone counts.
“I was mean to you, caused a fuss. Let’s be friends, there’s room enough for all of us!” So, Pete and Fay live side by side. And if you listen carefully, you can hear them swapping stories, laughing and singing.