Emily Stubbs on our Matched Funding Appeal

Long-standing supporter, Emily Stubbs explains why she chose to support our Matched Funding Appeal: “I support Create because it is uniquely comprehensive in its scope: thousands of arts organisations have outreach departments but it is Create’s lack of affiliation to a single organisation that enables it to be truly inclusive in its work. It is less political than many other outreach programmes as it is able to target the most disadvantaged sectors of society without promoting a bigger brand and being tied to that brand. The resultant diversity is what really appeals to me. I think using creative arts to reach excluded people is really important as for many of them it is one of very, very few ways they can connect to society and feel that they are part of it and have something to offer. Very few other avenues work for these people in such a dynamic and lasting way and it is in all our interests to involve them in the wider world.

It makes a great deal of sense to support the Matched Funding Appeal as each pound is matched by The Queen’s Trust so Create can double your money as well as claiming the gift aid on your gift! Your money is working harder for your favourite organisation and will help Create to plan strategically for the future.”

To support our Matched Funding Appeal, click here