Speak with My Voice


In January, we returned to Deptford Reach (a day centre in South East London that helps people rebuild lives that have been damaged by homelessness, mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse and social exclusion) with our creative writing and music project, Speak With My Voice.  During this three-month project, a group of service users are coming together each week to write poems and prose with our writer Cheryl Moskowitz, inspired by everyday themes that they have chosen including ‘rain’, ‘stones’ and ‘home’.  They will then set their texts to music guided by our musicians Luke Crookes and Omar Shahryar.  They will perform their work on Wednesday 26 March to other service users, staff volunteers and Sir Steve Bullock, the Mayor of Lewisham.  This is a taster of what they have been working on:

HOME by Dionysios

Home is a father who holds the whole family together
in his hands.

Home is a beautiful mother who holds the family
with her love.

Home is children who grow and have their own lives,
find new homes and families.

Home is a grandfather who has worked long and hard, has money
to pass on to his children and his grandchildren.

He holds their history.