A story for National Storytelling Week ~ Blast Off to The Moon!

This is a story written by two young offenders during Inside Stories, our creative writing and illustration project for offenders.  Over a two-week period, Create’s professional writer, musician and visual artist work with young fathers or those with younger siblings and/or family members to create, record and illustrate storybooks for the children in their lives. Blast Off to The Moon In 1947 in Crayon Village, two astronauts named Nehemiah and Shayon were working on a rocket to fly to space.  They spent three long months trying to get the rocket, made from cardboard and tinfoil, to work but had no success. One night, the astronauts were woken by a rumbling noise.  “What’s that noise?” whispered Shayon. “I don’t know,” replied Nehemiah.  “Let’s check downstairs.” They searched downstairs then noticed flashing lights coming from the garden.  They ran outside and saw the rocket was mysteriously working.  As they stepped onto it, their pyjamas magically transformed into colourful spacesuits.  They looked at each other and shouted, “Blast off to the moon!!!” As they crashed onto the moon, one of the wings fell off.  They left the rocket and saw space creatures.  Shayon was startled and hid behind Nehemiah.  “Don’t be afraid,” said the space dog.  “How can we help you?” “We need to get home but our wing’s broken,” replied Nehemiah. One of the creatures snuck off and returned with slimy, sticky space slop.  “Thanks for helping us.  You’re not so scary after all,” said Shayon. They fixed the rocket and the creatures gave them some moon cheese to take home.  They bounced into the rocket and blasted off back home just in time for their bedtime story.