“Fancyou for luvie consoot!!” ~ “Thank you for a lovely concert”

The card reads “Thank you for a lovely concert” ~ "Fancyou for luvie consoot!!" Made by James age 6 “Pac-man + ghost”
The card reads “Thank you for a lovely concert” ~ “Fancyou for luvie consoot!!” Made by James age 6 “Pac-man + ghost”.

Today we received a beautiful hand drawn card from James Sandford (6) and his family about creative:space, our interactive music event for disabled children & their families, which they attended in Reading on Sunday 22 September:

“Dear creative:space

We just wanted to write and say what a lovely time we had on 22nd Sept at Abbey School listening to Derek Paravicini and the Manchester Reed Quintet.  The afternoon was really well planned and the people were all really good with James, who was very interested in what they were playing (he especially liked the cucumber clarinet!).  We all had a great afternoon dancing, and crafting, and just being together enjoying the sounds and music!  I came out all chilled out and smiley, and for me that’s really good!!  We really liked looking at the photos on line too (James is the one lying on/in Mike’s armpit during the quiet music session!).

Only this morning Molly ( age 3) said ” do you remember that concert and the music?” as we were getting ready for preschool.  We all had such a wonderful time!  We are waiting for your next visit so we can all enjoy your music in our own way but still together.  Worth every penny!

Yours sincerely

Kate Sandford and Family”

Notes like these make our day here at the office!

creative:space this year has been supported by BBC Children in Need, which runs its annual appeal tonight.  To join us for our next creative:space event in London on Saturday 30 November, click here.