Create’s trustees reflect on Create

reflection 5“Since becoming a Trustee of Create in 2008, I have seen a range of projects in many settings.   My first experience of the charity was prior to that, when it visited the school where I was Head Teacher – three stunning projects over as many years that were carefully tailored to meet our needs and left the children bursting with new skills, wonder and pride.

John BroadisI can see that my experience and that of our school is shared by all who become part of the Create experience and I have reflected much on why Create is so special. This lies firstly with Chief Executive, Nicky Goulder’s vision and passion to bring high quality creative experiences to people who are disadvantaged in some way, and aiming to transform lives.  She has then sought to surround herself with people who share the same ideals, whether staff members, artists, community partners, funders or trustees. Each of us is made to feel that we have been carefully chosen and hand -picked, because we have!  We are valued, nurtured and supported.  I have had the privilege to listen to so many people who are involved in Create in these capacities and we all share an enthusiasm, love and loyalty to our shared cause. There is such integrity that is all pervading.

Above all, when I reflect on Create, I see the concentration, the joy, the sense of achievement and the sense of self-worth in the faces of children and adults as they perform; I hear the gratitude in the teacher who sees a child in his class in a completely new way, having observed his contribution to a project; I see the aura of self-belief and self-confidence of a child, included in the playground, because his fellow pupils see him in a different light; I see parents of a child with special needs relax as they enjoy their child keeping perfect time with an egg-shaped shaker as a band plays; I hear the mainstream pupil talking of his new friend, who is an adult with a learning disability whom he met on a project and who he talks to on the bus; I see the mutual trust between a similar pair as they support each other in a delicate balance in a dance performed on the South Bank at The Scoop at More London; I hear the carer talk with boundless energy of how he has been inspired to write poems and songs after having his latent creative abilities re-awakened by Create and realising that he can find freedom in a very restricted environment; I feel the tears run down my face as I watch and l listen.

So many of these images, from a multitude and wide range of projects, are etched in our minds and hearts as Create weaves its way through the lives of so many people.

Happy 10th anniversary, Create.”

John Broadis, Trustee

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