creative:space ~ a participant’s perspective

Riah's* favourite, Derek Paravicini playing at creative:space.
Riah’s* favourite, Derek Paravicini playing at creative:space.

We just received an open letter from our creative:space regular and Daytripper’s young ambassador, Riah Hedger about our creative:space events for children with disabilities & their families!  It’s so moving we had to share it with you:

“Hello everyone, my name is Riah and I’m 16yrs old, I have ADHD and some Autistic and Co-existent conditions.

I was introduced to Create through Daytripper’s about 2 years ago, I remember the 1st time Me and my Dad went to a Create concert, I was like “Really!”, it was over an hour and a half travel on the over/underground for us, I don’t like travelling with crowds and I panic and get hyper quite a lot which can get annoying for a few people, my Dad is ultra fab though and always helps me refocus Myself.

I remember entering Henry Wood Hall, a most beautiful building inside and out and then we were within the Create environment, the people who run Create are soooo happy and always have time to talk and help you out, I love the way they come around and encourage you to participate in the activities.

There are all sorts of different families there and it’s nice to go round and talk with them and ask about their childrens condition (Dad says this is good for me to share and empathise as a lot of the time I do come across as carefree and aloof) I’ve met some real special children and their Brothers and Sisters and 1 thing I like seeing is happy people, Oh and trust me you see plenty of them at Create.

I really have enjoyed the Concerts we have been at, it’s a different group and performer each time, they get you up on your feet and do make it all fun and it’s totally interactive but my absolute no1 bestest, best reason I go is to see and listen to Derek Paravicini the most amazing pianist, why I hear you ask, well he is blind and knows how to play like a gazillion tunes, yes, that’s right a gazillion!!

I hope that the next time you come to a Create Concert, that you have a look out for me and my Dad (his name is Russell) come over and say hello!

Thanks to Create and Daytrippers.

Riah Hedger”

Interested?  Then find out here when our next creative:space events are!

*Riah is not featured in this picture