Last Friday I was asked to speak at the Carers Lewisham AGM about the importance of creativity in transforming people’s lives.  We then enjoyed a fantastic performance by the participants of our creative:voices writing and music workshops, who came together to present some of the work they had created over the past few months.  There were funny poems and moving poems and a selection of songs.

The participants have each grown in confidence from week to week, with one continuously saying that she did not want to sing at all, only to find herself having a go just before the performance itself and being pleasantly surprised by the result.  She then went on to sing in front of the AGM audience (60+ people) and was so pleased to have done it.  Another participant said she was glad to have pushed herself to take part and perform by conquering her fear, because she now feels she has really achieved something that she can continue to excel in.  The “audience” laughed and cried during a very moving, special sharing; and feedback from those who attended was wonderfully positive.  Carers are exceptionally special people … and they show in so many ways just how much they care.  The group that I called the “creative:voices choir” during my speech is hoping to carry on singing together, so watch this space; we may indeed have a new choir on the horizon!

Nicky Goulder, Executive Director

Because I Care Don’t be confused, and don’t despair. I am here with you because I care. I love you both… and I love him, I will not leave you on a whim. It’s cold in this place, but I am here He’s in the sunshine, but because I care I’ll stay with you in this cold place For as long as it takes – my love’s not a race. Because I care for you we have to go to the allotment, Few minutes here and there. Digging up my potatoes and beetroot, because I care. Time watching till daybreak because I care. Tree pruning and planting, Autumn before winter falls, because I care. Cucumber and beetroot, tomato sandwiches – because I care. Night falls while at the allotment, Rain falls down on my head, Because I care. Pumpkin soup before the night falls, Because I care. All this, because I care. Sometimes I am in despair But it is because I care – Waifs and strays of the animal kind I always seem to find. Dogs and cats, a hedgehog too, And a cheeky fox who took my shoe. But so much love is given back to me, My despair soon changes into glee. Everything I do I have to think of you Because I care. I will always love you no matter what you do Because I care. People say to me how wonderful that I’m by your side, By being there. No matter where I go you know I can’t hide, I’m always there. You tell me of your life and reminisce – I like to hear. Tell me of your husband, who you really miss, So very dear. Every day is different but ends up the same, Because I care. I won’t lie and say that I don’t complain, Because I care.

Written and performed by the “creative:voices choir”