creative:space returns to Reading

creative space ReadingOn Sunday 21 October 2012, we took a pair of our creative:space interactive music events for disabled children and their families to Reading.

Seventy-five disabled children, their families and carers listened and danced to Bad Ass Brass, a vibrant jazz-funk band and the virtuoso playing of musical savant, pianist Derek Paravicini (who is blind and has severe learning difficulties).  Percussion instruments were provided so that parents, siblings, and carers could play-along; and all were kept on their toes with call-and-response interaction, including the Mayor of Reading who generously gave her time to attend the event.  With tables stocked with craft supplies, families had the option to relax and create colourful hand puppets.  Encouraged by our workshop leader Sam Glazer, the children were led in a hand puppet parade to kick off the dancing, which set the spirited tone of the day, while Derek welcomed song requests from ‘Mamma Mia’ to ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.  When given the chance to play on the band’s instruments, some emerging musical talent among the children was revealed!  To everyone’s delight, the Disney classic ‘Bare Necessities’ brought the event to a close.

A family who attended creative:space for the first time said: “It was all so relaxed and happy.  So often when taking a child who has ASD [Autism Spectrum Disorder] one feels worried about other people’s attitudes.  Here we could relax and our son could be himself.”

To see photos of the event, please click here.