Speak With My Voice

Speak With My Voice Jan - March 2012

Adults at Deptford Reach (a day centre in South East London that helps people rebuild lives that have been damaged by homelessness, mental illness, drug or alcohol abuse and social exclusion) are finding their voice through poetry and music thanks to our Speak With My Voice project.

Between January and March 2012, a group of adults are spending Wednesday mornings with our professional writer and musicians creating original poetry and music themed around ‘patterns’.  They will perform their work at the centre on Wednesday 28 March to an audience of invited guests including other Deptford Reach members.  We will produce an anthology of the poetry and CD of the music created, providing each participant with tangible, lasting records of their achievements.

We developed Speak With My Voice to give a voice to people on the margins of society who often go unheard.  During the writing workshops, the participants have produced poems inspired by patterns in memories and patterns in language (such as rhetoric, rhyme and repetition).  Over the coming weeks, with guidance from our musicians, they will use their poetry as song lyrics and create music that is inspired by the words that they have written.

We have been working at Deptford Reach since the charity was founded in 2003.  Susan, who has been taking part in the project, said: “It’s a good uplift.  It gets your brain working, wakes you up.  Cheers you up as well.  I’m always cheerful when I come here, especially with Create.  I never miss it.  I always miss them when they’re not here.”

Excerpt from ‘The PM’s Lament’ by Andrew

We are all in this together, Mr Cameron said.
Our country is floundering and stalling,
The succession is bad, our finances sad,
Now all our citizens are suffering.

It is your civic duty was my retort,
Arouse from your slumber and sleep.
Give me your job, remuneration, a few bob.
Then watch as I cure the patients’ ills.
With stern administration and very strong pills.

Our manufacturing bases need to be rebuilt
So that our men get employment.
Our science and technology brought up to date
So that our children learn their future fate.

Our old folks need looking after.
They have made their life’s contribution.
Many have worked hard and paid
Their dues to the state.
They have earned the right of ease.

We must sort out also our sick and infirmed
But the medical constitution itself needs a cure.
Because super bugs are not funny,
To get rid of them will cost money.