Pianist Derek Paravicini and Bad Ass Brass engage creative:space crowd in a musical feast for the eyes and ears!

creative:space 04/02/12Last Saturday, over 80 disabled children and other family members had the opportunity to decorate animal masks, dance, play percussion instruments and listen to vibrant, funky musicians a tour interactive music event at Henry Wood Hall in Southwark.  The creative:space event was facilitated by our professional dancer, Kate Jackson and a range of musical numbers were performed by the renowned pianist Derek Paravicini, a musical savant who is blind and has severe learning difficulties, and the jazz-funk band Bad Ass Brass.

creative:space is a unique, fun and interactive concert specifically designed for disabled children and their families to enjoy music, dance and craft activities in a safe, relaxed environment.  Highlights at Saturday’s event included audience requests (such as a jazzy version of Aqua’s Barbie Girl) performed by Derek, a parade with Bad Ass Brass to Oh When The Saints and a rendition of The Bare Necessities.  The Mayor of Southwark, Councillor Lorraine Lauder, attended the morning event.

One of the parents commented afterwards, “It was exceptional.  We need more concerts like this!” Another added: “Perfect: Sam my son, would find it difficult to sit still through a live music performance, this arrangement allowed him to listen and enjoy the music but move around and do craft activities which he loved.”

See photos of the event.