Individual Supporters Create the Difference

Create has been tackling social issues through creative arts workshops since 2003, including: giving adults with disabilities the chance to express themselves through music and dance; creating a safe space for LGBT young people to find peer support and self-expression; and helping young fathers in prison to write and illustrate stories for their children.

With your support, we can continue to reach the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people across the UK with the transformational power of the creative arts, enabling them to make life affirming connections, learn new skills, and grow in confidence.

Create the Difference Founding Members


  • Peter Browning
  • Alistair DK Johnston CMG
  • Tim & Claire Jones


  • Eddie Donaldson
  • Anne Baldock


  • Gareth Davies
  • Philip Emery
  • Alan Paul
  • Colin Sheaf
  • Mark Sismey-Durrant


  • John Broadis
  • Nicky Goulder
  • Vanessa Sharp
  • Carol Topolski
  • Michael Topolski
  • as well as various anonymous supporters

I support Create because it’s unique in its scope and because it’s so personal. It can make a real and lasting change to people’s lives.

Emily Stubbs, donor