Carol Topolski and Daniel Lehan on National Poetry Day

For National Poetry Day, we’re posting the “reflections” we have received from two of our artists, Daniel Lehan (word artist) and Carol Topolski (writer).  To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we are asking our participants, artists, community partners, Patrons and other stakeholders to jot down their reflection about Create.  We would love to hear yours.  This could be a few sentences about a project you took part in, or a poem, picture or song that reflects what the experience meant to you.  It would be great to know what the project was and when you took part. 

When you send it to us at, please let us know if we can use your name or if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

Inspire someone with your reflection today

Head turning, habit spurning, skill learning

Much joking, rib poking, no smoking

Plot mashing, word thrashing, thought hashing

Character forming, brainstorming, no yawning

Story making, no faking, boundary breaking

Dad reaching, no preaching, trust teaching… Create!

Carol Topolski, writer





 with imaginAtion


         and carE

Daniel Lehan, word artist